The Company

Alliance Partners HSP, LLC (“Alliance”) is a private real estate investment and operating company focused on opportunistic and core plus investments in commercial properties located in the Eastern and Central United States. Alliance is the East Coast operating platform of The Shidler Group, one of the nation’s foremost commercial real estate organizations. The Alliance team combines extensive capital markets experience, real estate operating/redevelopment capabilities, and the financial agility and resources of our principals to produce superior risk-adjusted returns on our investments. 


The Partners

Each of Alliance’s three partners – Clay Hamlin, Jay Shidler, and Richard Previdi – has over 30 years of real estate investment experience.  They have founded four publicly traded industrial and office REITs and a billion-dollar real estate operating company in a venture with a global real estate fund managed by a premier investment bank. In total, they (or the companies they founded) have acquired over 2,000 industrial and office properties nationally with a value in excess of $13 billion.

Our Strengths

  • Capital: we are able to close all-cash using the capital from our principals and do not require third-party investors. As illustrated by our recent transaction activity, our principals are ready to deploy capital immediately for opportunities that fit our investment initiatives.
  • Flexibility: we have the ability to structure transactions for each seller’s unique circumstances.  We are not an institutional fund with rigid investment parameters.  We can act quickly and do not need approval from a board or investment committee.
  • Capability: we can be an investor or owner/operator. We have the operating experience and capability to create, oversee and implement investment strategies, including development and redevelopment.  We can also be a capital partner in a joint venture, especially in situations where the real estate complexities or risks of the transaction eliminate more traditional capital sources.
  • Innovation: our management team has a multi-decade track record of creating innovative entities, structures and securities in response to unique market conditions. We expect to continue making these “proprietary technology” investments.
  • Leasing: We believe that this critical component of the value creation chain is materially under served by institutional, core property owners. While smaller, opportunistic/suburban office owners typically have principal involvement in every material lease transaction, many core, institutional owners focus their senior personnel and compensate on capital raising and financing. As Alliance invests it's own capital, our principals and senior personnel are able to bring an opportunistic, "hands on" focus to leasing our assets. As our case studies highlight, superior focus by senior personnel leads to superior performance for our portfolios.